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Jaypee Greens Garden Isles Noida
Jaypee Greens Garden Isles Noida

Welcome To Jaypee Greens Garden isles

Jaypee Greens, the leading real estate giant has come up with a new residential project, Jaypee Greens garden Isles Noida. Jaypee Greens Garden Isles is one of its kind sites as it offers its buyer a plethora of recreation and lifestyle conveniences within the very premises. Jaypee Green Garden Isles Noida is a splendid township nestled amidst the riveting greens of Uttar Pradesh. The unique feature of Jaypee Garden Isles is the unambiguously designed Y-shaped apartments which are planned to utilise the most of natural lighting and ventilation. This creatively designed piece of architecture is one of the most beautifully fabricated constructions in Noida. Jaypee Greens Garden Isles wants to indulge your recreational and athletic side that’s why it has come up with a project with sports activities such as cricket ground, football ground, horse riding track, cycling track and much more within the premises of the community.

Jaypee Garden Isles Noida has plenty of other exclusive features apart from these like unparalleled view of the interminable and splurging greens, more than convenient location and close proximity to necessities like hospitals, schools etc. The style of architecture used to construct Jaypee greens garden isles is quite similar to the architectural style of the ancient Greeks. This is quite visible from the classical Greek white lines used in construction of Jaypee Garden Isles Noida. The exquisite Y-shaped design of Jaypee Greens garden Isles gives the resident the smug feeling of receptiveness within the apartment.

Facilities in Jaypee Greens Garden Isles Noida:

  • Jaypee Greens Garden Isles is located within the close proximity of host of religious and social complexes including a number of community centres.
  • Jaypee Garden Isles Noida provides within its parameters a number of recreational and athletic facilities such as Football Field, Volley Ball Court, Cricket Pitch, Basket ball Court etc.
  • Along with it Jaypee Garden Isles also offers in-house indoor leisure and fitness activities like Swimming Pool, spa, gymnasium, table tennis arena, snooker and pool etc.
  • For those early risers who like to keep themselves fit there are facilities like Jogging Track, Meditation Garden and Cycling Track available within the compound.
  • There is an upcoming mall coming up nearby hence completing the stay of a resident.
  • Jaypee Greens Garden Isles Noida is strategically located within walking distance of different professional sports training institutions including cricket training, soccer training, hockey training etc.
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